"they say the owl was a baker's daughter. lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be." (Hamlet, Act IV, Scene 5)

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Because You Can't Make It Up (1) June 1, 2012

If I thought I would have the discipline, I would say that I would run this feature every week. Alas, let's settle for when the mood strikes me. Here are my favorite quotes of the week. Can you claim any of them as your own?

1. "Clearly, she did not go back and check her work. You always got to check your work. Just like math class."

2. "I would be about as proud of doing business with them as I would be of my wife if she were a circus clown."

3. "White socks and white sneakers with shorts. It's guy code for, "I've got nothing left to lose."

4. "Seriously? One more time and I will come to your house and cause a storm on it. You think things are rotten in Denmark now? I will do that. I would not be scared to do that to Denmark."

5. "Eamon, the cable just went out so probably the shower isn't working either."

6. "Exciting things are just not going to come in here and happen to us while we're sitting on the couch!"

7. "Just because they cannot reach the bar, does not mean you should keep lowering it."

8. "Well, the fact that we're sitting here with a Project Manager, a Program Manager, a Product Manager, and a Production Manager and no one can explain why is kind of funny, but it really isn't funny at all. Actually."

9. "You might be an unstoppable force but I am an immovable object."

10. "If I were you, I would have leapt from that window a long time ago. A loonnggg time ago, sister."

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