"they say the owl was a baker's daughter. lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be." (Hamlet, Act IV, Scene 5)

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

May in a Major Way

This blog post, like many other things in my life, is long overdue. May ended weeks ago, but its memory lives on.

To start, my mother, my sister, my two nephews, and my two sons took a trip to Ohio to visit my 96 year old grandmother. Nothing like traveling with four dependents, three baseball gloves, two car seats, one double stroller, and a diaper bag to make you think twice about ever leaving your home again. The highlight of the trip might have been my jaunt to the local Super Wal-Mart at 12:45 AM to buy milk and groceries. So many questions still linger in my mind. “Why are so many people shopping at 12:45 in the morning?” “Does that four year old boy really have a mohawk?” “Does that tank-top really only cost 19 cents?” Most of these mysteries will remain unanswered for time in perpetuity, and I just have to accept that.

We, of course, had a great time. I loved watching my boys playing in the fields that memorialize my childhood. Roscoe village, the bethlehem grange, the ditch, chocolate mountain, the red tractor, the smell of the shed, and the rumble of pebbles under the tires as we pull up to the front porch. The heavy smell of sweet country air, the weight of the sliding glass door as you enter the home, the familiar and comforting cocoon of the low ceiling and narrow hallway, and the eyes of my grandmother. Someone asked me, “Well Jeannette, was it worth it?” Yes. Unequivocally. Yes.

Other fabulous things that happened in May. The little person that changed my life forever celebrated his ninth birthday! I love this boy so much that sometimes I feel like I am going to crumble to pieces over it. But instead, I decided to demonstrate the depths of my affection. It was simple. I put his name in lights at Fenway Park. And thanks to the Red Sox for pulling it together and winning on his birthday. We had a great trip into the big city, seats right behind homeplate (what’s up Jason Varitek!?), enough ballpark food to last a lifetime, and the memory of the night forever burned into our retinas from the glow of the Red Sox scoreboard, “Happy 9th Birthday Liam!” Yeah buddy. That’s you.

There was also Mother’s Day (thanks to my amazing and super-handsome husband for making that a wonderful occasion), there was also some moving from here to there, and then back again, two graduations (college and high school), a Memorial Day play, and a commissioning. In short, May made all things possible and the Campos-clan with all its extensions, isn’t looking back. Lock step. Forward march. Confidently, into our futures with the grace of our many amazing achievements supporting us, the fatigue of a month of milestones behind us, our eyes wide open with gratitude, and our hearts eagerly seeking the many adventures that await in this new life that we have crafted for ourselves. I love each and every one of you … so much that I could crumble to pieces.